Using our CryoPhase technology, we have the ability to regulate freezing for optimal maintenance of life. We have a more robust survival of complex life-forms after freeze-thaw cycles, applicable to epithelial cell sheets, biopsies and animals, where cells no longer require days of recovery before growth rates resume.

Uses include storage of cancer biopsies, umbilical cord tissue, and gamete storage, which could also ensure the survival of endangered species. Shown in the attached video, CryoPhase was used to freeze/thaw a C. Elegans culture (soil nematode). HOF technology is special as evidenced by adult larger worms immersed several days in liquid nitrogen(-198C) surviving after thaw. All bodily functions are intact, indicating that all organ cell types survive freezing.





We provide the best assays for active ingredient screening and toxicology. When it comes to evaluating responses on skin, HOF's fully functional skin gives the most realistic measure of human skin responses, whereas artificial lab skin is very limited. Skin contains appendages, hair and sweat glands. We have successfully created fully functional skin with appendages - a long awaited critical advance. 


Scarring is an important cosmetic issue. HOF's lead compound is a pathway inhibitor reducing the formation of scars.


Human Skin can be formed in tissue culture and these methods have led to lab synthesized skin for grafting, but there are still problems with quality. When it comes to patient grafts, fully functional skin can significantly improve lives, whereas artificial lab-synthesized skin limits patient satisfaction. We have developed critical new skin technology unlike the current commercially available standard