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For credit card orders please call in your credit card information to 650-430-9095.

- Name on the card

- Card type

- Card number

- expiration date

- CVV code

Please reference invoice number and total amount being paid. Thank you for your business.

By checking this box the customer acknowledges that the materials ordered are for research
purposes only. CAP-Organs contain living human cells and as such can be a potential source of
infection, as are all human cell products. These materials are to be handled by trained
personnel only.
By checking this box the customer agrees to our terms of sale. Briefly, the prices we quote are
good for 30-days. Prices may change due to our costs and availability. Shipping costs are also
charged, and costs quoted on invoices are estimates that may vary from the actual costs the
customer is responsible for. Once an order is placed it cannot be changed without our written
consent. We accept payments ACH and other electronic funds transfers to our company
account, as well as checks sent to our billing address. Shipments can only be made to the
Shipping Address listed for your organization. Partial shipments with separate invoices may be
applied. Our shipping dates are approximate only, and we will not be liable for any loss or
damages resulting from any delay in delivery. You may not refuse delivery to be relieved of
payment obligations. Due to the nature of our products returns cannot be accepted due to
potential damage in storage. We do not warranty our products for any particular purpose, and
do not guarantee a particular result.
By checking this box the customer acknowledges our rights to the IP used to create our
products and will not attempt to reverse engineer any of our products. HOF sold to a specific
customer for their use and are not to be resold or forwarded to any other organization. As a
product of human cells there are risks to the use of our products and transfers to other
organizations are illegal
Signage of a qualified member of your organization is required.



Thanks for submitting!

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