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2022 Chemical and Biological Defense Science & Technology Conference

HOF Therapeutics was selected to give an oral presentation in December 2022 entitled "Lung CAP organ-on chip breakthrough based on stem cell and epithelial cell mixture: evaluating bioaerosol and respiratory disease threats." Additional posters presented were: 

"Repurpoing catalytic inhibitors of topoisomerase cancer drugs as broad-spectrum countermeasures against viral and bacterial threats."

"Harnessing the power of cell assembly programmed (CAP) organs: All organ samples available for threat assessment and regeneration as a countermeasure."

"Cryopreservation improvements for CAP organs-on-chip increase viability and reproducibility to improve data sets on CB threats and countermeasure development."

Biotechgate Digital Partnering September 2022

We furthered our connections in the field by interacting with peers interested in partnering, which we are currently actively seeking. 

InformaConect: Supply Chain and Cryopreservation for Advanced Therapies

 The JP Morgan Healthcare Conference was a great success and good opportunity to survey the emerging technology landscape and collaborate with organizations both locally and internationally. Dr Hoeffler's presentation on CAP Organ Technology was well received and important connections established. 

Novato, CA (2022) HOF Therapeutics Inc. Expands Operations

HOF Therapeutics moves operations to Novato, CA. We are using our proprietary cell programming method to assemble organ structures for drug screening and regeneration. Following our success in dermatology making full-thickness skin, hair and sweat glands, we have created divisions for all major organ systems of the body, currently including integumentary, skeletal, respiratory, vascular, and cancer/fibrosis models. We aim to become the standard for all preclinical studies for drug development based on superior organ models with micro-architecture which accurately mirrors in vivo structures. Cells programmed to assemble will also revive damaged organs for regenerative medicine applications. Restoration of organ function is an unmet medical need highlighted in the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Novato, CA (2021) HOF Therapeutics Inc. Begins Operations

     HOF Therapeutics defines what the biotech industry is becoming: an efficient organization searching for effective medical/biological solutions. We are involved with active ingredient screening, looking to find compounds with therapeutic effect in biological assays. We begin with cell-based assays and go beyond ordinary 3D modeling, assembling tissues into functional organ elements using stem cells, primary cells or cancer cells. We have discovered new ways to gain access into biological systems by reproducing critical aspects in vitro, revealing new lead compounds. 

Commenting on the genesis of this new endeavor, Warren Hoeffler, Ph.D, President and CEO says, "We are thrilled to offer the marketplace a new set of technologies developed through years of research. We strive to supply technologies among the best in the industry, providing solutions to product development uniquely available by working with HOF Therapeutics."

Prior to Company Formation

San Carlos, CA (2020) HOF Therapeutics Inc.

HOF Therapeutics has opened a lab facility in San Carlos to expand its operations in closer proximity to the San Francisco Bay Area biotech hub. Our laboratory has cell-based assay capability, including tissue and organ synthesis, and cryophage storage.

San Carlos (2017) Liveleaf Inc.

As a way to quantitate biological activity of plant derived polyphenols, Liveleaf Inc. has retained HOF Therapeutics to evaluate anti-scarring activity of its' formulations and fractions. The Fibrosis Assay, developed and owned by HOF Therapeutics, is a high through-put assay conducted using human fibroblasts triggered by TGF-Beta to produce scar collagens I and III. Compounds are added to individual wells to read effectiveness in limiting scar collagen accumulation. This unique assay allows for identification of compounds capable of treating fibrotic diseases: one of the greatest problems affecting human health. It is being used to provide a sensitive biological assay of polyphenols across Liveleaf's product line. The The HOF Therapeutics Fibrosis Assay should be of interest to the community of companies and medical specialists working to limit fibrosis.

Emeryville, Ca (2015) Biotime Inc.

We hold an important patent on assembly of human cells into a 3-D organ equivalent consisting of discreet epithelial and mesenchymal layers. Biotime Inc. commercializes human stem cell derived progenitor cells and holds numerous patents in the stem cell arena. By working together, we are exploring how stem cells can be assembled into functional units comprising organs. Such advances may lead to more effective ways of introducing stem cell therapies into the human body.

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