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HOF Therapeutics is a leader in cell, tissue and organ therapies, allowing us to offer a medically reliable service in the frozen storage of biologicals. Most medical institutions, including hospitals, clinics, and treatment centers are called upon to store frozen patient samples, but would rather not be in business to care for these samples. HOF Therapeutics does not conduct medical procedures, but is is our primary business to attend to biological samples with utmost professionalism and reliability.

  • We offer a service in storing sample vials containing biopsies and tissues or cells from medical procedures.

  • We pick up already frozen samples from medical facilities and transfer them to liquid nitrogen tanks for transport.

  • We can also prepare patient samples on site for freezing and storage, as a service.

  • We run a freezer storage facility where samples can be stored either in liquid nitrogen tanks or in -80 C° freezer. 

  • Our fees are reasonable and contracts have flexible terms on duration and pricing.

Establishing the Minimum Cold Chain

OoC (Organs on a Chip) are 3D organs and CAP organs are leaders in this field. These living materials can be stored long-term at the ultralow temperatures of liquid nitrogen (-198oC), but are also stable for several months on dry ice (-78.5oC). Freezing living tissues require special technology to both freeze and thaw, and HOF Therapeutics offers Cyrophase® to accomplish this. Freezing is typically conducted at our facility. The samples need to be maintained at low temperatures during the multiple steps of shipping logistics – the Cold Chain, which typically involves both air travel and ground transportation before delivery to a healthcare facility where they will be used for testing if in the test plate format, orimplanted in a patient if they are ready to assemble CAP organs.

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