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Images below show CAP (Cell Assembly Programmed) organs formed from tissue culture grown cells then mixed together into a slurry in a tube and plated into trans-well chambers. After feeding for about 10-days CAP Organs are created. Wells are viewed with an inverted microscope directly (D) or stained cryosections (CS) are prepared. Our protocol is unique in facilitating rapid tissue assembly from mixed cells. Any other organoids not showing distinct tissue layers, ducts and other fine structures are obsolete.

CAP Skin -Full thickness skin with well developed stratum corneum (CS). 


CAP Hair -Hair placode developing in a spiral swirl (D).


 Nascent Blood Vessel formation. Formed from transitional cells (D).


CAP Bone -Nascent bone osteon developing (D).


CAP Lung -regularly spaced, loose epithelial tissue allows for efficient gas exchange in a single alveolar sac as shown. Bottom left shows alveolar duct. (CS)


Sweat Gland CAP Skin. Filaggrin stained red seen around circular pore, in agreement with known antibiotic properties of filaggrin (D).

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