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Warren K. Hoeffler Ph.D, CEO

Warren is the founder of HOF Therapeutics and our Chief Executive Officer. Previously, he was the Chief Exective Officer for Xgene Corporation, a company that conducted contract work for larger companies and received a Small Business Grant from the NIH. He pursued an independent line of experimentation over multiple years to test key scientific concepts to unlock barriers to development of tissue and organ production from cultured cells, while also uncovering additional technical breakthroughs. In addition to his business career, he taught at Dominican University in their joint graduate program in biology with The Buck Research Institute for Aging, and in the Nursing and Science Programs. Prior to this he was an appointed faculty in the Dermatology Department at the Stanford University School of Medicine, and was on the Scientific Advisory Board of Geron Corporation. He has numerous scientific publications, including in Cell, Nature, Journal of Clinical Invesigation, Journal of Biological Chemistry, and Journal of Investigative Dermatology. He has filed and has been granted multiple U.S. and foreign patents.


Monica Steward Director of Marketing and Sales

Monica comes to HOF Therapeutics with over twenty years' experience in sales and marketing.  Having previously worked in the marketing and sales of an educational software platform throughout the United States and Canada for Your Translation Company, Monica feels HOF Therapeutics is the perfect opportunity to blend sales with an ongoing pursuit and avid interest in the fields of Computer Science and the Biological Sciences.  Monica brings years of experience and enthusiasm in doing business with international clients throughout Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East.